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There will be a point in your life when you must decide whether to drink the beer while everyone yells “chug” or not. Although chugging beer might not seem like a talent you need to learn, it often comes in handy.

You could want to learn how to tornado a beer if you’re truly hoping to wow your loved ones. One technique to make beer pour and disappear like magic in a matter of seconds is the beer tornado chug. Nice, huh? Learn how to tornado a beer in this article!

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About the Tornado Beer Chug

You may be familiar with the strawpedo chugging technique. How about the tornado, vortex, or twister styles? A Chinese man’s distinctive drinking style propelled him to Twitter fame in 2019.

Hebei farmer Liu Shichao claimed to be the “creator of the tornado style,” a beer-chugging motion. Additionally, his technique for removing the beer bottles top is quite spectacular, you have to admit.

How to Tornado a Beer

Would you like to learn how to tornado a beer? According to Liu’s tweet, tornado or vortex your beer as follows:

  1. Take a sip of the beer to make some space for air
  2. Swirl the beer bottle clockwise or counterclockwise. Ensuring you don’t shake the bottle back and forth
  3. Tip your head back into a chugging position and open your throat
  4. Take big gulps as the beer swirls down the whole bottle

Be aware that a can or even a cup cannot be used for the vortex beer chug. The neck of the bottle must be long enough to generate the centrifugal force that pulls the liquid through the beer tornado.

Understanding the Tornado Beer Chug

Essentially, the water bottle vortex that everyone learns about in school is how the tornado beer chug works. You know, the one that appears as follows:

You now understand why it goes by so many different names, including the vortex chug, twister chug, and tornado chugging. Undoubtedly, it takes more effort than it appears to perform the tornado beer chug.

Many individuals are having trouble with this strategy and stick to a normal chug for consuming beer, as you can see if you do a little searching on YouTube. This tutorial captures the action you need to get the beer spinning correctly:

Here are the steps to successfully tornado beer, broken down:

  1. As if you were taking a regular sip, raise the beer bottle to your lips.
  2. Avoid spraying yourself with beer by covering the bottle’s mouth with your lips.
  3. You create a clockwise or counterclockwise circle in the air with the bottle as you begin to lean your head back.
  4. Take big sips as the beer pours!
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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What does it mean to tornado a beer?

To tornado a beer, you are rotating the bottle of beer in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction to create a vortex in the liquid so that it looks like a tornado and allows you to drink the beer a lot faster.

What Is The Tornado Chug?

One of the easiest ways to amaze your buddies when everyone else in your group of friends decides to chug their beer is to perform a tornado chug. In this chugging technique, the entire drink enters your mouth in a stunning, whirling tornado-esque style (vortex).

How do you make a tornado in a bottle?

It’s simple to create a tornado in a bottle, and you can use this trick to amuse both yourself and your children. A tall bottle, preferably one with a neck, is all you need. Bottles of Coke, beer, and water all function. 3/4 full of the bottle. To make the vortex more visible if you’re conducting this as a science experiment, add a few drops of dish soap and some glitter or food colouring. Before turning the bottle in a circular motion, make sure to properly seal the bottle. The centripetal forces that create the tornado are stronger the quicker you are moving. Watch the swirl when you stop rotating.

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