Top 8 Beers Similar to Heineken

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The world is familiar with the classic red star and green bottle pairing. Heineken is one of the most well-known beer brands out there with a history dating back over 150 years of brewing and a large fan base worldwide.

Heineken is one of the best-tasting mass-produced beers available since it is simple to drink and has a respectable flavour. But you might not know what to try next if you want to broaden your beer-drinking experience.

What, after all, could compare to the flavour of Heineken? Well, in this article we will present all the beers similar to Heineken that you’ll enjoy if you enjoy Heineken.

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What Does Heineken Taste Like?

To be clear, when we speak of Heineken beer, we are referring to the 5.3% ABV Heineken pale lager, which is brewed by Heineken N.V. in the Netherlands. Although the same corporation also produces numerous other alcoholic beverages under other names and other proprietary beers, our attention today is on one of the well-known best pale lagers.

In light of this, due to its widespread recognition in its iconic green bottle, Heineken is regarded as the lager to which all other mass-produced lagers are compared. The flavour is more savoury than other weaker brands and is robust with a hint of bitterness. The beer is coloured a brilliant yellow and has carbonation. When poured, there is little to no head.

The only components are yeast, water, malted barley, and hops because it is brewed in accordance with German purity rules. Here are some fresh brews for you to sample in case you enjoy other beers that are similarly clean and straightforward.

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Top 8 Beer Similar to Heineken

  1. Carlsberg Pilsner
  2. Firestone Walker 805
  3. Gaffel Kolsch
  4. Grolsch Premium Pilsner
  5. Hofbrau Original
  6. Pilsner Urquell
  7. Spaten Premium Lager
  8. Stella Artois

Carlsberg Pilsner

This Danish lager is offered in cans and green bottles, just like Heineken, so Heineken aficionados and those who don’t want their drink skunky can both enjoy it. However, since it’s not as popular, you might need to visit a liquor store to taste it.

A 5.2% ABV lager, Carlsberg has a comparable malt and body to Heineken but stronger zesty hop aromas. With its smaller head and extremely floral, hop-forward scent, some contend that this pilsner tastes the most like Heineken.

Firestone Walker 805

The most contentious choice on this list is this blonde ale, but it should be there because so many Heineken lovers enjoy it. The popular American-brewed ale Firestone Walker 805 has a 4.7% ABV and most of the same primary qualities as the famous lager.

A light-bittered, flowery nose, a thin head, and a pleasant, balanced, approachable ale have all been produced by Firestone Walker. The finish of 805 is slightly malty but clean, adding a sense of sweetness that the lager lacks. This is the fundamental distinction between 805 and Heineken.

Gaffel Kolsch

The majority of specialist liquor stores stock Gaffel Kolsch, albeit it will be more difficult to find this one. It is a German Kolsch lager, a little bit different from the pilsners mentioned above in that it tastes a little bit sweeter and more “biscuity.”

Gaffel Kolsch features the same crisp, mild hop flavour and floral overtones of banana that non-skunk Heineken enthusiasts adore, and it has a 4.8% ABV. This one only comes in a brown bottle to protect the delicate flavours from light tampering.

Grolsch Premium Pilsner

If you like skunk, Grolsch Premium Pilsner in the green swing-top bottle is a terrific Heineken alternative. The same crisp, light beer body and flavour, a crisp bite of hops that is slightly bitter, and a pale malt character that isn’t too heavy characterise this Dutch classic at 5% ABV.

If you prefer the skunk-free flavour of Grolsch premium lager that is comparable to Heineken, you can also find pints of it at your neighbourhood pub. Without the little contamination, it is simpler to detect the faint grassy notes and a more caramel-like aroma.

Hofbrau Original

You can drink Hofbrau Original, a lager Helles-style German beer, with or without the skunky aftertaste when it hits your taste buds because it comes in both brown and green bottles. It has a thinner head than Heineken and an ABV of 5.1%.

Though a little maltier and sweeter than a Heineken, this lager is nonetheless pleasant and an easily drinkable beer. To try Hofbrau beer, you’ll need to visit a speciality liquor store as most grocery stores won’t offer it.

Pilsner Urquell

This well-known Czech beer is proud to have been the continent’s first lager to be manufactured commercially. Some people believe that this pilsner is even more refreshing than Heineken since it has a denser head and a crisper hop flavour.

Only Saaz hops are used in the production of Pilsner Urquell, giving it a distinctive, earthy, and subtle herbal bitterness.

Spaten Premium Lager

Another option for aficionados of Heineken who want that skunky flavour in a commonly available beer is Spaten Premium Lager in the green bottle. This German-brewed Dortmunder Helles-type pale lager, which has a 5.2% ABV, shares Heineken’s reputation for having a light body and a balanced flavour.

These lighter beers contain typical Dortmunder “bready” flavours, a clear malt finish, and a mild noble hop bitterness.

Stella Artois

Belgian pilsner Stella Artois has a crisp, herbaceous flavour and a light, extremely frothy head. Though it has a dryer finish than Heineken, it is nevertheless enough malty to quench thirst without being overly sweet.

This balanced beer is very well-liked because of the subtle peppery flavours in the hop-forward bouquet. Most grocery stores sell this lager in green bottles with a 4.6% alcohol content, however other people prefer a pint of skunk-free beer served straight from the bar tap.

The hop used in Heineken is the same hop used in Stella Artois, but not the other way around because Heineken’s yeast is a unique strain that has been kept a secret since the company was established.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What beer is similar to Heineken?

Carlsberg Pilsner, Firestone Walker 805, Gaffel Kolsch, Grolsch Premium Pilsner, Hofbrau Original, Pilsner Urquell, Spaten Premium Lager, and Stella Artois are all examples of beers similar to Heineken.

What does Heineken taste similar to?

Heineken’s closest taste is said to be Carlsberg Pilsner. With its smaller head and extremely floral, hop-forward scent, some contend that this pilsner tastes the most like Heineken.

Does Stella Artois taste like Heineken?

Stella Artois is similar to Heineken. They’re similar in that the hop used in Heineken is the same hop used in Stella Artois. But vary slightly in that Heineken’s yeast is a unique strain that has been kept a secret since the company was established. Stella is typically dryer than Heineken.

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