Beers Like Blue Moon: Top 10 Picks

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Are you a fan of Blue Moon beer but eager to explore similar brews? Look no further! In this article, we’ll dive into the world of refreshing, citrusy beers like Blue Moon. Discover a range of craft and mainstream alternatives that offer the same tantalising taste and smooth drinking experience. Whether you’re looking to impress your mates at a barbecue or simply expand your beer horizons, we’ve got you covered.

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The Iconic Blue Moon Belgian-Style Wheat Ale

A Craft Beer Pioneer

Blue Moon Belgian White, often referred to simply as Blue Moon, is a trailblazing beer that has made a significant impact on the craft beer scene. Brewed by the Blue Moon Brewing Company, a subsidiary of Molson Coors, this Belgian-style wheat ale has captured the hearts of both casual beer drinkers and discerning craft beer enthusiasts alike. Its popularity has soared since its introduction in 1995, making it one of the most recognisable craft beers on the market.

Signature Flavour Profile

What sets Blue Moon apart is its distinctive flavour profile, which is a delightful departure from traditional beer styles. This unfiltered beer pours a hazy golden colour with a fluffy white head, hinting at the complex taste experience to come. The use of Valencia orange peel during the brewing process imparts a subtle citrusy sweetness that perfectly complements the light, bready malt character. Coriander adds a hint of spice, creating a refreshing and balanced flavour that’s perfect for any occasion.

Crafted with Care

The unique taste of Blue Moon is a result of meticulous attention to detail in the brewing process. By adhering to traditional Belgian witbier techniques, the brewers at Blue Moon ensure that each sip delivers the authentic character of this classic style. The use of high-quality ingredients, including malted barley, white wheat, and oats, contributes to the beer’s smooth mouthfeel and creamy texture. The addition of orange peel and coriander during the boil unleashes the beer’s signature aromatics, making it a treat for the senses.

The Orange Slice Tradition

One of the most iconic aspects of enjoying a Blue Moon is the addition of a fresh orange slice to the glass. This simple garnish enhances the beer’s citrusy notes and adds a touch of visual appeal. The origin of this tradition is rooted in the beer’s early days when it was served in Belgian-style glassware with a slice of orange. The practice caught on, and now it’s a signature part of the Blue Moon experience, making it stand out in a sea of other craft beers.

A Gateway to Craft Beer

Blue Moon’s approachable flavour profile and wide availability have made it a gateway beer for many people venturing into the world of craft brews. Its smooth, refreshing taste appeals to a broad audience, while still offering a glimpse into the creativity and innovation that define the craft beer movement. As a result, Blue Moon has played a significant role in expanding the craft beer market and introducing countless drinkers to the joys of artisanal brews.

A Curated List of Blue Moon Alternatives

  1. Hoegaarden Original White Ale: Hailing from Belgium, Hoegaarden is a classic witbier that shares many similarities with Blue Moon. It pours a hazy golden color and features a blend of wheat and barley malts, along with orange peel and coriander. The result is a refreshing beer with a slightly sweet, citrusy flavor and a hint of spice.
  2. Allagash White: Crafted by Allagash Brewing Company in Maine, USA, this Belgian-style wheat beer is a stateside favorite. Allagash White is brewed with a generous portion of wheat, along with oats for added smoothness. Spiced with a blend of coriander and Curacao orange peel, it offers a bright, refreshing taste with a subtle spicy finish.
  3. Shock Top Belgian White: Another American take on the witbier style, Shock Top Belgian White is brewed with two-row and six-row barley, along with wheat and oats. The addition of Curacao orange peel, coriander, and lemon peel creates a crisp, citrusy flavor profile that’s perfect for warm weather sipping.
  4. Avery White Rascal: Brewed by Avery Brewing Company in Colorado, USA, White Rascal is a Belgian-style witbier that’s unfiltered and unforgettable. It’s crafted with malted wheat and oats, and spiced with coriander and Curaçao orange peel, resulting in a balanced, refreshing beer with a smooth mouthfeel and a hint of citrus.
  5. St. Bernardus Wit: This authentic Belgian witbier from Brouwerij St. Bernardus is brewed with a blend of pale and wheat malts, along with Styrian Golding and Saaz hops. The addition of coriander and Curaçao orange peel creates a complex, refreshing flavor profile with notes of citrus, spice, and a subtle earthiness.
  6. Blanche de Namur: Originating from Brasserie Du Bocq in Belgium, Blanche de Namur is a classic witbier that has been delighting drinkers since 1876. Brewed with a blend of wheat and barley malts, and spiced with coriander and orange peel, this beer offers a delicately balanced flavor with a refreshing citrusy finish.
  7. Hitachino Nest White Ale: From Japan’s Kiuchi Brewery, Hitachino Nest White Ale is a unique take on the witbier style. Brewed with wheat malt, flaked barley, and a touch of rice, this beer features a delicate citrusy aroma and flavor, with hints of nutmeg and coriander. The addition of orange peel and coriander during fermentation adds an extra layer of complexity.
  8. Ommegang Witte: Brewed by Brewery Ommegang in New York, USA, Witte is a Belgian-style wheat ale that’s light, refreshing, and full of flavor. Crafted with malted wheat, oats, and a touch of malted barley, this beer is spiced with orange peel, coriander, and a hint of grains of paradise, resulting in a complex yet balanced taste with citrusy and spicy notes.

How to Enjoy Wheat Beers

When it comes to savouring a delightful wheat beer like the ones we’ve discussed, there are a few key things to keep in mind to elevate your drinking experience. Let’s dive into the best practices for serving and enjoying these refreshing brews.

Choosing the Right Glassware

While you might be tempted to reach for a pint glass, wheat beers are best served in specific glassware that enhances their unique characteristics. Opt for a tall, slender glass like a weizen glass or a tulip glass. These shapes help to showcase the beer’s hazy appearance, retain its fluffy head, and concentrate the aromas for a more immersive sensory experience.

Serving at the Ideal Temperature

Temperature plays a crucial role in how a beer tastes and feels on the palate. For wheat beers, aim to serve them between 4-7°C (39-45°F). This temperature range allows the delicate flavours and aromas to shine through without being overpowered by the cold. If your beer is too chilled, let it warm up for a few minutes before diving in.

Pairing with Food

Wheat beers are incredibly versatile when it comes to food pairings. Their light, refreshing nature and citrusy, spicy notes make them a fantastic match for a variety of dishes. Try pairing your favourite wheat beer with:

  • Salads with citrus vinaigrettes
  • Seafood dishes like fish tacos or mussels
  • Tangy goat’s cheese or creamy brie
  • Fruit-based desserts like lemon tart or orange sorbet

The key is to look for flavours that complement the beer’s unique profile without overwhelming it.

Tasting Tips

To fully appreciate the nuances of your wheat beer, take a moment to engage all your senses. Start by admiring the beer’s hazy, golden appearance and fluffy white head. Give it a swirl and take a deep whiff, noting the aromas of citrus, spice, and sometimes even banana or bubblegum. When you sip, let the beer coat your palate and pay attention to its smooth, creamy mouthfeel and the interplay of sweet and tart flavours.

Wrap Up

Blue Moon Belgian White has revolutionised the craft beer scene with its iconic flavour profile and widespread appeal. Blue Moon has created a refreshing and balanced taste that has captivated beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers by masterfully blending the finest ingredients, including Valencia orange peel and coriander. With a curated list of Blue Moon alternatives and expert tips on how to best enjoy wheat beers, you’re now ready to elevate your beer-drinking experience to new heights. Cheers!

Beers Like Blue Moon: FAQs

What beer is comparable to Blue Moon?

Beers similar to Blue Moon include Shock Top Belgian White, Allagash White, Hoegaarden, and Avery White Rascal. These beers are also Belgian-style witbiers, characterized by their unfiltered wheat base, citrus notes, and spicy flavors from the use of coriander and orange peel. They offer a refreshing, light-bodied taste comparable to Blue Moon.

What should I drink if I like Blue Moon?

If you enjoy Blue Moon, you might like other Belgian-style witbiers such as Shock Top Belgian White, Allagash White, or Hoegaarden. Additionally, you could try other wheat beers like Hefeweizens or American Wheat Ales. Some popular options include Paulaner Hefe-Weizen, Schneider Weisse, Bell’s Oberon Ale, or 3 Floyds Gumballhead. These beers share similar refreshing and citrusy characteristics with Blue Moon.

What style of beer is Blue Moon?

Blue Moon is a Belgian-style witbier, also known as a Belgian White. This style of beer is brewed with a large proportion of wheat and often features the addition of spices like coriander and orange peel. Witbiers are typically unfiltered, resulting in a hazy appearance and a light, refreshing taste with subtle citrus and spice notes.

Is Blue Moon a feminine beer?

The idea of a “feminine beer” is a subjective and largely outdated concept. Blue Moon is enjoyed by people of all genders who appreciate its refreshing taste and unique flavor profile. The beer’s marketing and branding do not target a specific gender, and its popularity spans a wide range of demographics. Ultimately, personal taste preferences, not gender, should dictate one’s choice of beer.

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