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I believe words are power. Power to bring and show to the world what are you capable of. That is why I fell in love with reading. Later came the love of writing.

Beer and writing blent in a very natural way for me as I did brewing as a career.

Now I am on a mission to educate my fellow brewing mates in an inspirational way!

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Skills & Proficiencies


Whether you’re building a new website, adding new pages or writing a blog post, good quality website copy is essential. I can help you with this task.

Creative writing

Creative writing is critical to developing my skills of copywriting. It helps me with imagination, creativity, and innovation.

Brand Strategy

I am not a brand specialist but I have helped brands establish their story and build trust around it. I will be happy to put your story into words.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All the content I deliver will be SEO optimised and ready to publish on your website.


“Ivor works magic with his words. He is full of creativity and amazing ideas that bring in results! I can definitely say he is a valuable asset to any brewing team.”

David Lin, Brewer

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